Raleigh’s Snowpocalypse 2014 – Take Two! (or How I Jumped the Gun on Titling My Last Post!)


It seems to be a word being used a lot this season, and I followed suit last week when we got our 5 inches of snow. I mean, it hardly ever snows in this part of North Carolina, so surely this was THE big snow of the year for us. Little did I know that I was jumping the gun on using this fresh-coined term. 🙂

Yesterday, it started snowing early in the day, and within three hours, we had five inches of snow on the ground again. Then, the snow tapered off as it all turned to sleet. Add another inch on top of the snow, but this time, all ice pellets. Reports were coming in via the news that it was pure gridlock in Raleigh as people tried to leave work to head home. The only thing that kept this from being a repeat of what had happened in Atlanta two weeks earlier was the fact that all the surrounding counties had closed school for the day, so the kids were all home safe and sound.

snow2-12b snow2-12a





Last night, the sleet turned into a gentle rain that gave us a nice coating of ice over the whole shebang. Luckily, besides a few flickers during the night, we’ve managed to keep power on.

Today, around lunchtime, I took the camera out and took a few pictures of the beauty and the damage. I think you’ll agree that there’s a certain amount of beauty to the destructive force.

Luckily, schools are cancelled again today (and probably will be tomorrow as well), and we’re all home safe and sound. I’ll be making bread again tonight, and we’ll all enjoy a couple of movies or TV shows on Netflix today. Life goes on. 🙂

DSC06194 DSC06187 DSC06188 DSC06184 DSC06202DSC06192 DSC06193


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