Raleigh’s ‘Snowpocalypse’ 2014

IMAG0408Here in the Southeast U.S., we see very little snow. On Sunday, when the local weather gurus started saying there was a small chance that we might see snow by mid-week, most of us scoffed. On Monday, they started saying that it was looking more and more like we would get hit with the white stuff, some of us still scoffed. Then they told us we would get snow, but they still weren’t sure how much. “It might be significant amounts in some areas”, they said. On Tuesday, they were sure enough that most of the local schools closed. It wasn’t until Tuesday after dark that we started to see the snow come down. And come down. And come down.

IMAG0409The fine, little powdery flakes fell on through the night, and by morning we woke to a wintry wonderland. We ended up with somewhere around four inches here, a blizzard for this area. Today, Thursday, the kids are still out of school due to the black ice on the roads this morning.

Today, the sun is out, the skies are blue, the deck and stairs are shoveled, and I’m waiting patiently for a frozen pipe to thaw so we can have water again. Life goes on. By this weekend, it will be in the mid to upper fifties, and I’ll be back in the flowerbeds again. 🙂


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