Another Day of Planting

It’s been a real roller coaster of weather here in North Carolina. Yesterday was cold and the day before that was even colder. Today, it reached up into the lower 60’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 29 degrees AND we’re supposed to get between 1 and 5 inches of snow. Go figure.

I took advantage of the weather today and started planting a flower bed on the west side of the house. I got five more daylilies planted, as well as a yet-unknown bush (I’m working on identification as I type this), a couple of Crinum bulbs and some Narcissus.

Sun-starved Narcissus

Sun-starved Narcissus

The daylily cultivars I put in today are ‘Mary Guenther’, ‘Scatterbrain’, ‘Barbary Corsair’, ‘Adrienne Anderson’, and ‘Seductress’. (Images of all but ‘Adrienne Anderson’ are below; I couldn’t find one of that one.) I planted one of the Crinum ‘Cecil Houdyshel’ bulbs as well as an unidentified Crinum. I finished it all up by putting in almost all of the Narcissus ‘Twin Sisters’ I had left.

I got a nice little bonus when I peeled back the landscape fabric: a few little Narcissus, left behind by the previous tenant, trying their best to reach some sunlight. No idea what cultivar they are, so they’ve now been transplanted to a separate area to keep the Twin Sisters all together.


Narcissus 'Twin Sisters' Image copyright

Narcissus ‘Twin Sisters’
Image copyright

'Barbary Corsair' Image copyright

‘Barbary Corsair’
Image copyright

'Seductress' Image copyright

Image copyright

'Scatterbrain' Image copyright

Image copyright

'Mary Guenther' Image copyright

‘Mary Guenther’
Image copyright


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