Have You Ever Done The Black Widow Shuffle?

Black-widow-spiderThat’s where you find a black widow spider somewhere you didn’t expect (does anyone ever EXPECT to find a black widow?) and trip over your own feet hurriedly jumping backwards while simultaneously trying to keep from screaming like a little girl and keep your undershorts clean.

Did you know they find the space under well houses as absolutely delightful places to dwell? Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind spiders, snakes and most other creepy crawlies. I think some spiders out there, including the black widow, are absolutely beautiful and I think most of God’s creatures have a place and a job in the natural order of things. Having said that, I’ll admit that black widows give me the willies.

Well, two bits of good news: There’s now one less black widow around my house, AND I found the loose connection that was keeping the well pump from pumping water to the house this morning. (We really, honestly thought a pipe was frozen somewhere.)

Of course, the fat little lady in question was sitting about a half inch from the loose connection. Coincidence, or arachnidian plot? 🙂


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