My First Seed Exchange and A Few More Plants In the Ground

'Hyperion' Image copyright

Image copyright

It started out chilly this morning, but by lunchtime, it was warm enough to get outside and plunge my hands in the dirt once again. In an hour or so, I managed to separate a large clump of Daylily ‘Hyperion’, and plant some on each side of the front steps. This involved moving the liriope (monkey grass) that was already growing in the spot that was needed.

Crinum 'Rose Form' That's a quarter propped on it for comparison.

Crinum ‘Rose Form’
That’s a quarter propped on it for size comparison.

I also decided to go ahead and plant the Crinum ‘Rose Form’ football-sized bulb that had been hit so hard by the 9-degree night that we had last week. The bulb was a bit soft on the outside, but had a hard center, and the basal plate seemed to still be in good shape. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

After an hour, the predicted plummet in temperature happened and a few scattered COLD showers sent me back inside.

Tonight, I had a chance to go to my first seed swap  at the NCSU J.C. Raulston Arboretum hosted by The Gardeners of Wake County, so I met my brother Doug, and we headed to Raleigh. There was a PowerPoint presentation of Chinese Garden Design for the club, and then everyone was free to visit the tables of seed and plants. There was a little bit of everything there, flower and vegetable seeds alike.  I picked up quite a few things I’ve never tried my hand at like Asian Green Beans and seedless grape hardwood cuttings. I also grabbed several types of heirloom pepper seeds as well as some heirloom tomato seeds for the garden and flower seed for the front flower bed.

I met quite a few very nice people there tonight, including a gentleman who had a Crinum growing in his yard that I had never heard of, Crinum ‘Milk & Honey’. He described it as a white Crinum that looked like someone had drizzled honey inside the bloom.

He now has my email address, and there WILL be a trade this Spring.  🙂


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