A Short Taste of Spring

It’s been three weeks since I posted anything, not because nothing has happened, but because life has been a bit hectic. My father went into the hospital on January 1 (he’s doing much better now), we had a deep freeze one night (it dropped all the way to nine degrees and took out most of the smaller Crinum bulbs that weren’t planted yet), and I’ve been beating the bushes high and low for a job.

Today, however, it was 63 degrees out, and (after scouring the want ads and sending out several resumes) I took advantage of it by starting a new flower bed. I need to get as many of these plants as I can into the ground before I lose even more to cold weather.

Today’s plantings were day-lilies, and one row of narcissus (a.k.a. daffodils). My plan is to concentrate on the ones I have the fewest of, and the ones I love due to color, etc. And of course, the ones that have survived thus far.

The pictures below are all taken from sites on the internet, but are the varieties that I put in the new bed today. The only one I couldn’t find a picture of was ‘Duncan’s Delight’, a rare, red daylily.

Now, time to take a couple of Advil, and relax for a bit. I’m sore. I dug this new bed in the side yard, where it’s all centipede grass, and it all had to be dug by hand since my tiller is broken. C’est la vie. It will be worth it when Springtime rolls around. 🙂

Narcissus 'Flower Carpet'

Narcissus ‘Flower Carpet’
Image copyright digthedirt.com

daylily cleopatra

Image copyright davesgarden.com

'Little Violet Lace'

‘Little Violet Lace’
Image copyright americandaylily.com

Daylily 'Night Wings'

‘Night Wings’
Image copyright ofts.com

Daylily 'Paradise Princess'

‘Paradise Princess’
Image copyright davesgarden.com

3 thoughts on “A Short Taste of Spring

  1. Thanks! 🙂

    I have 30 to 40 other daylily cultivars that still need to go into the ground as weather and time permit. My brother and I have been rescuing as many plants as possible from his daylily farm that he just lost the lease on.

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