Buy Locally!

buy locally

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts or fresh veggies, most communities offer many alternatives to buying at the local big box stores. Here in our little community, there are no less than three farm stands offering everything, depending on the season, from fresh veggies to flowers to Christmas trees. All of them are family-run and are the main source of income for these families.

Other than the farm stands, whether you’re looking for clothes for yourself or just trying to find that special Christmas gift for somebody impossible to buy for, local businesses carry many unique items not found in the big box stores. Like the farm stands, these are primarily family owned and depend on local dollars to keep their doors open. (Since I moved into this little North Carolina community twelve years ago, I’ve seen several small businesses, which had been thriving in the past, close their doors due to the fact that locals found it more convenient to shop at Walmart, Home Depot, and Staples when they opened in town.)

Sure. It’s easy to pop into a large grocery store or even <shudder!> Walmart to buy the things you need, but have you looked around at some of your local alternatives? You might be surprised at the special things you find, and I can almost guarantee, with very few exceptions, the customer service will be much better. So open your yellow pages, or open your browser and do a search on your own home town and see what you can find. It just might make your Christmas a little better…and might help make a local shop owner’s Christmas a little brighter too. 🙂

Photo above courtesy of Jason at Modern Pioneer.


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