Spelling Nazi Grabs His Soap Box

ImageI’ll be the first to admit that I have a slight problem with the slaughter of the English language on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I have an even larger problem when I see these same mistakes in professional ads and articles.

Now I’ve come across a situation that has me not just irritated, but plain ol’ pissed off. My son’s seventh grade English teacher (though, to be politically correct, it’s now called Language Arts) is using “your” in place of “you’re” when posting assignments on the board. Not his Math teacher or his Gym teacher. His English teacher.

Is that why it’s called Language Arts now? Art is open to interpretation. Is the correct spelling of words now open to interpretation as well?

Why have I not gone stomping into the school, full of self-righteous anger, to confront this charlatan posing as a middle school Language Arts teacher? Because Carter had already learned the difference between a contraction and a possessive pronoun back around the fifth grade, and knows when to use them correctly.

Heck, he writes better than I do. 🙂


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